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Private Lessons

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Remote Training using Discord

All Private Lessons and consultation sessions are online. Due to the Coronavirus, FX Dojo has transitioned to remote training until further notice. We love the on-ground classroom experience, but under the current circumstances it is best for everyone to keep learning in the confines of our own homes!

Discord is a free software application used by over 250 million users worldwide. Developed for the gaming community in 2015, Discord has more traffic than other business apps like Slack.

If you are interested in a Private Lesson, please download Discord here. After you schedule and purchase a Private Lesson, we will contact you and provide further instructions on how to connect with an FX Dojo Teacher.

One on one training

All ages and skill levels can schedule Private Lessons. Students gain valuable experience in creativity and problem solving, especially when given full attention by an experienced professional. Digital Art tools like Blender and Krita give a single person the power of ten artists, allowing them the ability to visualize ideas at an incredible rate.

For more information, please email Otto at, or call/text (619) 354-3656

Cancellation Policy

Please send a text message to (619) 354-3656 if something comes up. There will be a $15 fee to reschedule a Private Lesson. This policy helps cover the cost of our instructors changing plans. Thank you for your support and understanding.