Blender Mutant Vehicle - starts Thursday July 11

Blender Mutant Vehicle - starts Thursday July 11

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  • Date: July 11 – August 8
  • Every Thursday evening (for 5 sessions)
  • Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm
  • Location: FX Dojo [directions]
  • 6 seats available (8 maximum)

This is a Beginner-Level Workshop, no experience with Blender is necessary. 

IMPORTANT  Please don’t hesitate to call Otto directly at (619)354-3656  or email:

Class Description

Thanks for looking into 3D animation classes in San Diego! This beginner level class will be focused on polygon modeling, specifically using Blender Version 2.8 Beta

Model your vehicle using quads 

Early lessons consist of working on pre-built models; finish extruding a helicoptor rotor, or inset a window into the cockpit. This method of teaching helps you get acquainted with fundamental methods and workflows. After establishing a comfort level with overcoming common obstacles, students gain confidence to start a project from scratch. 

Design a concept vehicle

Use photo reference or your own drawings to quickly build a low polygon vehicle. Learn to import front, side, and top view images. This rough shape will later be combined with another model.

Append, join, and merge

Importing multiple meshes into a single scene can allow you to "kitbash", which can be an efficient way to come up with unique concepts. It may feel like you're creating a Frankenstein monster if you assemble parts from different models, but look at this as part of the visualization process. Generating a rough 3D sketch can help establish proportions and other stylistic details that are important to share during the early stages.

Thanks for checking out FX Dojo and taking the leap into 3D visualization! We are located in Liberty Station, San Diego. Click HERE for detailed directions. I hope to see you in class soon!

IMPORTANT – if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Otto directly at (619)354-3656  or email: