3D Animation Camp Online - ages 10-18

3D Animation Camp Online - ages 10-18

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3D Animation Summer Camp Online goldfish model FX Dojo San Diego


  • Weekly Sessions, Monday thru Friday
  • 1:00pm-2:30pm PST
  • 1.5 hours a day of 3D animation instruction
  • Recommended for ages 10-18
  • Beginners welcome

    Learn 3D Animation using Blender, the most popular Open Source 3D app available today.

    Our curriculum covers Modeling, Texturing, Animation, and other CG fundamentals. Students gain a strong introduction to Video Game Design, 3D Printing, Architecture, and Virtual Reality!

    Minimal setup and requirements

    After registration, students will receive clear email instructions on how to prepare for the first day of class. It may take up to 15 minutes to download and install necessary software, so please plan accordingly.

    What you need:

    • Computer, PC or Mac (unfortunately iPads and other tablets won't work for this class)
    • 3-button mouse is highly recommended (but touchpad will work)
    • Reliable Internet connection
    • Blender 2.82 (free download)
    • Discord (free download)



      No prior experience is necessary. Summer camps are intended for ages 10-18. Beginners can start any week. New exercises are created for each session, so students enrolling in a 2nd or 3rd week won't be bored by repeat lessons. 

      FX Dojo 3D Camp is team taught by at least two instructors simultaneously, managed by Otto Lai –click for bio

      Questions? Contact Otto directly at otto@fxdojo.com


      Animation Summer Camp Online teachers rotate FX Dojo

      Multiple teachers on rotation keep things fresh

      Before quarantine, we worked as a team, and online is no different. At least one instructor acts as a teaching assistant while the main lecturer guides the class. Teachers routinely switch roles to change the vibe. Keeping students engaged is even more crucial online, and providing custom feedback without interrupting the entire class is possible with team teaching. Most questions and comments are addressed through the Discord text chat, however students may also speak through a microphone if they have one.

      Online Animation Camp students share ideas

      Promoting social awareness and online etiquette

      At FX Dojo, we strongly encourage students to express themselves whenever possible, cultivating a culture of exchanging ideas and constructive criticism. The Discord text chat supports emojis, gifs, and videos keeping the discussions fun. Our teachers are constantly monitoring and making sure comments are appropriate.

      3D Animation Summer Camp Online FX Dojo Social Distance Students

      Use this camp as a JUMPSTART

      There are so many Blender tutorials on the internet! But it’s much easier to take advantage of them with a strong foundation. Students will be able to speed through YouTube videos in fast forward after just the first class. Recognizing interfaces and understanding layouts helps you become a self-sufficient digital artist

      3D Animation Summer Camp Blender Online FX Dojo San Diego

      Build confidence and Problem Solving Skills

      Computer Generated Art is about more than just clicking buttons, it’s about how to overcome barriers. Once students can conquer basic digital problems, facing an intermediate one isn’t so scary. FX Dojo prepares artists by dropping them in the middle of 3D art projects of varying difficulty.

      Blender is the 3D powerhouse that is disrupting the CG landscape with reliable and innovative tools for… yes, you guessed it — FREE! Initially serving a European user base, Blender is now the preferred tool of professional artists worldwide. Tony DeRose, Senior Scientist at Pixar publicly praised Blender as a tool worth learning and Sean Kennedy, an Oscar-award-winning Compositor on “Life of Pi”, claims Blender is the only 3D application he needs.

      Remote Classrooms and Social Distancing are the new norm

      Exercising creativity during Online Summer Camp shows students that remote learning can be fun and effective. FX Dojo is committed to adapting and evolving Digital Art Education with state-of-the-art technology. Please join us for these innovative online experiences!

      IMPORTANT – if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Otto directly at otto@fxdojo.com