Photoshop Intro - starts Thursday March 1st - FX DOJO
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Photoshop Intro – starts Thursday March 1st

Photoshop Intro – starts Thursday March 1st

Back by popular demand, FX Dojo presents another Beginner-friendly Photoshop series! These classes are held in Liberty Station, San Diego, where Instructor Otto Lai will guide artists through exercises of varying difficulty. Covering important topics like layer styles and layer masks, everyone will learn the same fundamental concepts that professionals use!

Understanding Layers

It’s a basic concept; placing combinations of pixels atop one another. We’ll take it several steps further by learning about selections and channels.

Perfect for the busy student or professional

A total of five classes lasting 90 minutes each, this Photoshop class will get you up to speed in a total of 7.5 hours. No homework or exams – just progressive lessons which make efficient use of time. Everyone leaves class feeling empowered by a well designed curriculum. Using humor, puns, and relevant analogies, Photoshop skills will become embedded in your psyche!

What does this button do?

Tabs, Tools, and Icons

User interfaces always have an array of symbols and menus just like modern hieroglyphics! That’s one of the added benefits of this class – you’ll become fluent in the language of contemporary graphic design. Many Photoshop tools are also found in other programs. FX Dojo classes always emphasize universal concepts found in other creative/technical industries like Fashion, Engineering, and Audio Production, just to name a few.

Photo manipulation and cleanup

Most photographers use Lightroom as their software of choice, but Photoshop also provides a robust set of tools for enhancing raw images. Change the mood and control the viewer’s emotional response with color correction tools and channel manipulation!

Hands on, limited seating, for all ages

All lessons are in a lab setting. Computers and software are provided, so just show up! With a small class size, everyone is guaranteed to get personal attention. Students will start clicking in Photoshop from the first minute of class.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!


  • March 1st – March 29th
  • Thursday evenings for 5 weeks total
  • 6:30pm-8:00pm 
  • 4 seats available (6 maximum)

This is an Beginner-Level Workshop. No prior experience with Photoshop is necessary. All ages welcome!

All classes taught by Otto Laiclick for more info

TO SIGN UP – call Otto directly at (619)354-3656 or email:


$235 for 5 class series

To reserve your seat please use Paypal or mail check for $205 payable to Otto Lai (please write student’s name on check!):

  • FX Dojo
  • 2690 Historic Decatur Rd #205
  • San Diego, CA 92106

IMPORTANT – if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Otto directly at (619)354-3656 or email:


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