Photoshop Camp - starts June 26 - FX DOJO
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Photoshop Camp – starts June 26

Photoshop Camp – starts June 26

Introducing a 5 session Photoshop workshop for beginners! This class takes place in the Arts and Culture District, Liberty Station San Diego and covers the fundamentals of digital compositing.


  • FX Dojo classes always tackle Intermediate level problems while staying Beginner Friendly. No prior experience is necessary!
  • Questions? Please contact or call (619)354-3656


  • 9:00am-10:30am
  • June 26 – June 30, Monday – Friday
  • Total 7.5 hours


  • $205 for entire week
  • (6 seats available – 10 max)


Many original Photoshop tools are now standard in other software

Learn the anatomy of a Photoshop Layer

Make selections with the Wand Tool to key out Green Screens

Speed up your workflow with Macros


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