Motion Graphics Camp - starts July 24 - FX DOJO
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Motion Graphics Camp – starts July 24

Motion Graphics Camp – starts July 24

Join this Motion Graphics workshop to delve into Computer Animation! We’ll be using Adobe After Effects CS6 to cover the fundamentals of adding motion to graphic design. Join us in the Arts and Culture District of Liberty Station San Diego for this 4-day Introductory Series!


  • FX Dojo classes always tackle Intermediate level problems while staying Beginner Friendly
  • All ages, and no prior experience is necessary!


  • 9:00am-11:00am
  • July 24 – July 27, Monday – Thursday
  • Total 8 hours


  • $205 for all 4 sessions
  • please register using the paypal button above – once registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email
  • (6 seats available)

Questions? Please contact or call (619)354-3656 


After Effects is best known for its versatility in Motion Graphics and Compositing. Every art school, including ones I have taught at (Art Institute, Platt College, San Diego State) has After Effects somewhere in their curriculum. Check for yourself online, most art students are required to learn it at some point in their academic career.

After Effects is where you assemble and enhance your videos together with effects.

Artists learn After Effects because they need a program to put images and videos together. But this Adobe software is capable of much more than people know. Since version 3.0 was released in 1998, After Effects has been used to create TV commercials, animated series, feature films, and web graphics. Most schools treat AE as a supplemental tool rather than delve into its true power.

Beginners need early exposure in the realm of CG. After Effects is perfect for that and more.

For people just starting their journey into Digital Art, it is crucial to get a broad scope of what is achievable with this ever-evolving medium. Learning After Effects offers the opportunity to get a taste for many different styles of computer graphics. There is 3D, puppet animation, stop motion, info graphics, and kinetic type, to name a few. This Intro Course shines light equally on all areas After Effects was designed for, in a fun and easy way while broadening their views of what a computer can do.

When you learn the scope of a tool, you will naturally discover its fundamental purpose. This 5 session class offers a well-rounded introduction to the After Effects experience.

Thanks for visiting FX Dojo and I look forward to meeting you!


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