FX Meetup - Wednesday June 14 - FX DOJO
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FX Meetup – Wednesday June 14

FX Meetup – Wednesday June 14

We’re back! It’s been over one year since the last FX Meetup, and I’m happy to get it started again. We allow speakers a maximum of 15 minutes to discuss a topic of their choice.

The last several Meetups were for VJs and those interested in projecting live visuals. I loved listening to professionals geek out in technical and creative discussions… it’s absolutely what FX Dojo is about. However, I’ve begun mingling with more people outside the tech/art crowd and this time around, our focus is entrepreneurship.

FX Meetup

  • Wednesday, June 14
  • 7:00pm-8:30pm
  • Free
  • all speakers have a maximum of 15 minutes to discuss their topic (including Q & A)




Dr. Ben Ramos/FlowForce Rehab – “Pain-Free Productivity”

Operating his private practice in Sorrento Valley, Chiropractor Dr. Ben Ramos has seen plenty of injuries resulting from simply working at a computer. Listen to his advice on staying healthy while putting in long hours.

Otto Lai/FX Dojo – “Your Logo Sucks”

The title of this presentation should be followed by “…and that’s okay!” Otto will share his insight on logo design and making sure it serves your purpose.

Jay Pro/Jeremiah Intl – “Perserverance”

Barber, photographer, and entrepreneur Jay Pro has overcome many obstacles to get to where he is today. Hear his story and what keeps him going through thick and thin.

Richard Yao/Hype VR – “Passion & Dedication”

A true technical artist at one of the leading Virtual Reality studios in San Diego, Richard explains how he balances work and personal life, and keeping that “honeymoon stage” going strong.


FX Meetups are free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome to attend, listen, and also present. If you’d like to practice speaking in front of audience, pitch an idea, start a discussion, or simply share your story, we’d love to hear what you have to say! Please email otto@fxdojo.com to schedule your presentation.

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