Digital Painting with Krita - Starts Tuesday Sep 29th - FX DOJO
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Digital Painting with Krita – Starts Tuesday Sep 29th

Digital Painting with Krita – Starts Tuesday Sep 29th

FX Dojo presents the first ever Krita class in San Diego! Krita has been well known in the Open Source community as the premier Digital Painting Program since 2005. In this five class series, Otto Lai will introduce the Krita interface and painting workflows through drawing and painting fundamentals.


Krita is a Digital Paint program modeled after Corel Painter, SAI, and Photoshop. Krita is an Open Source program, which means you can download Krita and use it for commercial purposes at no cost. Many artists in the Open Source community use Krita with Blender to create their art.


Stroke variation is a must!

All the paint programs out there offer different brushes. Krita supports a huge library of brushes, but what sets it apart is the ease of customization.


Krita’s Brush options are virtually limitless, but also easy to use!

In one single panel you can customize a brush, test it out in a side panel and then immediately save it for quick access. A quick thumbnail sketch in the side panel will become the brush icon, so it’s even easier to identify!


Experiment with abstract designs

In addition to simulating traditional mediums, Krita provides artists with mirroring tools and the super-fun “Multi-brush”, allowing instant kaleidoscopic patterns.


Practice color theory while learning Krita!

Otto Lai has designed all the Krita lessons with fundamentals in mind. Exercises will address how to combine and mix colors for most effective communication!


Drawing fundamentals are universal concepts across all mediums

Artists need to use the proper terminology when discussing their craft. All Krita lessons will incorporate professional artist language to emphasize basic to advanced concepts.


Join us for a fun 5 weeks of Krita, the best paint program available on the internet!

Digital Painting with Krita – 5 Classes

  • September 29th, 2015 – October 27th, 2015
  • every Tuesday evening (for 5 weeks)
  • 7:00pm-8:30pm
  • Limit 5 students

This is an Beginner-Level Workshop. No prior experience is necessary. All ages welcome!

All classes taught by Otto Laiclick for more info

TO SIGN UP – call Otto directly at (619)354-3656 or email:



$175 for 5 class series


To reserve your seat please use Paypal or mail check for $175 payable to Otto Lai (please write student’s name on check!):

  • FX Dojo
  • 2690 Historic Decatur Rd #205
  • San Diego, CA 92106

IMPORTANT – if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Otto directly at (619)354-3656 or email:


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