Blender Intro - starts Wednesday Feb 21 - FX DOJO
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Blender Intro – starts Wednesday Feb 21

Blender Intro – starts Wednesday Feb 21

Thanks for your interest in FX Dojo! Learn Blender 3D in an intimate yet casual learning environment in Liberty Station, San Diego. Class size is limited to only 6 students, so reserve your spot now! Lessons are taught using progressive repetition, designed to make best use of class time so you learn new techniques while practicing ones you already know.


“What does this button do?”

Use Blender to build models, paint textures, animate, and even edit videos! Every separate section of Blender has a unique set of controls, like driving a different car. Exposure to new interfaces makes you ask, “What does this button do?” forcing you out of your comfort zone. Especially with 3D software, students must memorize many keyboard shortcuts and filter only what’s important. Being able to use complex applications helps us navigate through today’s media-overload culture.


These 5 Classes get you started so you can learn more on your own.

I try to bring forth artists’ creativity by treating software as a multi-purpose tool; like a hammer. For example, I wouldn’t just show someone how to pound a nail with a hammer. I’d show them how to join two pieces of wood by nailing them together. I’d show them how to crack open a nut by placing it under a towel and lightly tapping it.


Apply your knowledge.

Learning Blender is about more than just clicking on buttons, it’s about how to solve problems. Once you learn how to solve the most common problems, being faced with an intermediate one isn’t as scary. These classes build confidence and allow you to learn on your own.


Enjoy this carefully crafted learning experience.

I put a lot of time developing the Intro to Blender Series because I want everyone’s initial experience with Blender to be positive and fun. Designing objects in 3D space can become a beneficial part of your life and make you more comfortable with ever-changing technology. Give it a shot!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you soon!

Otto Lai


  • February 21st-March 19th
  • 1st class is Wednesday evening, remaining 4 sessions are Monday evenings
  • 7:00pm-8:30pm
  • 6 seats available

This is an Beginner-Level Workshop. No prior experience with Blender is necessary. All ages welcome!

All classes taught by Otto Laiclick for more info

TO SIGN UP – call Otto directly at (619)354-3656 or email:


$235 for 5 class series

To reserve your seat please use Paypal or mail check payable to Otto Lai (please write student’s name on check!):

  • FX Dojo is located in the Arts District, San Diego
  • 2690 Historic Decatur Rd #205
  • San Diego, CA 92106

IMPORTANT – if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Otto directly at (619)354-3656 or email:


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