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Art Shows

FX Dojo group exhibitions celebrate San Diego artists and provide an opportunity to share art with the community.

Check for upcoming shows and deadlines. Submissions welcome.

Artists Salute

A Group Tribute to Captain America

Initially named “Super American”, Captain America was a consciously political creation by writer Joe Simon in 1940. He and artist Jack Kirby were both morally repulsed by the actions of Nazi Germany and used their medium of comics as a form of expression.

This group exhibit combines the comic-book superhero genre with American motifs, resulting in a unique type of patriotic fantasy. Please join FX Dojo in celebrating the work of local San Diego artists on Friday, March 3rd, 2017!

Final Fantasy Art Show

A Group Tribute to Final Fantasy

Some of you may know us as the folks that brought you the Marvel, Legend of Zelda, and the more recent, “A Creative Tribute to Star Wars” art show. We’ve been talking about this show for some time now and we’re proud to officially make this happen…

Final Fantasy has played a huge role in the gaming/art culture, so it is fitting that our inner geek wants to pay a little tribute to the RPG king…

Star Wars Art Show

A Creative Tribute To A Galaxy Far Far Away…

We all remember the science fiction space opera with a farmer’s boy that dared to dream, a scoundrel who won the heart of a princess, and a mysterious power simply named The Force. These are the elements of an amazing journey that started in a galaxy far far away…

Please join us on August 1st, 2014 as FX DOJO ART SHOW pays tribute to STAR WARS. This group exhibit celebrates the work of students, local San Diego artists, and industry professionals as they pay homage to their Star Wars favorites.

FX Dojo Ninja Art Show

Ninja get no respect. Known for using trickery and stealth, their thankless job of invisible taskmaster is overshadowed by misleading stereotypes. The Ninja are and always were a clan of disciplined ARTISTS that get the job done by any means necessary. Lets hear it for the Ninja!

Please join me in celebrating the Ninja mindset and culture in this Group Art Show at NTC Liberty Station.