Animation Bootcamp - starts June 19 - FX DOJO
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Animation Bootcamp – starts June 19

Animation Bootcamp – starts June 19

FX Dojo presents Animation Bootcamp: a week of intensive animation lessons using Blender!

Students will learn to perform fundamental techniques that a Professional Animator would need in a studio or freelance setting.


  • Students must have prior experience with setting keyframes in Blender (or similar 3D app)
  • Questions? Please contact or call (619)354-3656

SCHEDULE – now offering two sections

  • 1:30pm-5:30pm (ages 9-12)
  • 3:00pm-7:00pm (teens)
  • Monday – Friday
  • Total 20 hours


  • $275 for entire week
  • 8 seats available (10 maximum)


Students use the graph editor to adjust curves

Exploding text and Kinetic Typography serves as a powerful lesson in visual communication

Use Spline IK to control snake-like rigs, tentacles, and even just posing ropes

All sophisticated rigs offer the option of FK IK switches. Understanding Inverse and Forward Kinematics is a requisite for modern animators

Making objects inherit movement is crucial for character animation (ie. picking up and dropping weapons)

All students will learn how to setup their interface to comfortably match sound with keyframes

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