Welcome to FX Dojo

Intro to Blender – Starts Fri Jan 30th – 4:30pm


FX Dojo presents Introduction to Blender 3D! The intimate learning environment seats only 6 students in Liberty Station, San Diego. Lessons are taught in the form of entertaining puzzles which challenge your problem solving skills …all while making computer animation! “What does this button do?” Use Blender to build models, paint textures, animate, and even edit videos!… Read more »

Blender After School – starts Tues Jan 13th – 7pm


Thanks for checking out FX Dojo’s After-School CG workshops! This San Diego based Blender Series is designed for kids and teens aged (9-18). Learn 3D modeling, texturing, rendering, rigging, and animation while solving fun puzzles! The focus of this next 5 Class Series is modeling a spaceship. Topics covered include hard surface modeling, UV mapping, lighting,… Read more »

Photoshop – Starts Thurs Jan 8th – 7pm


Join us in San Diego for a workshop on creating your own imagery! Using Adobe Photoshop, Instructor Otto Lai will guide artists through exercises of varying difficulty. From customizing brushes, to layer styles and layer masks, the ultimate goal is to create while having fun! Build a strong foundation Photoshop is one of the first programs a Graphic Designer learns… Read more »