Welcome to FX Dojo

Intro to Blender – starts Monday Nov 30


FX Dojo presents Introduction to Blender 3D! This intimate learning environment in Liberty Station, San Diego is limited to only 6 students, so reserve your spot now! Lessons are taught in the form of entertaining puzzles which challenge your problem solving skills …all while making computer animation! “What does this button do?” Use Blender to build models, paint… Read more »

Blender After School – starts Tues Nov 10


FX Dojo is proud to present Blender Toy, a 5 session series focused on creating an original character model! Come check out this Intermediate level 3D workshop in San Diego! This class is for kids and teens with prior Blender experience, or similar 3D program. Students should already be familiar with manipulating components (vertices, edges, and faces) as… Read more »