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Blender Mutant Vehicle – starts Tuesday Oct 25


When we think of a “Hybrid” these days, we picture cars with electric motors and internal combustion engines. But how about a combination of two totally different vehicles, like a hovercraft and a helicopter? Or why not go beyond characteristics of modern transportation and add animals or insects to the mix? FX Dojo presents another… Read more »

Blender Intro – starts Thursday Oct 27


This Fall, learn Blender 3D in an intimate learning environment in Liberty Station, San Diego. Class size is limited to only 6 students, so reserve your spot now! Lessons are taught using progressive repetition, designed to make best use of class time so you learn new techniques while practicing ones you already know. “What does this… Read more »

Photoshop Progression – starts Thursday Sep 22


This Fall, FX Dojo finally offers a companion Photoshop class for students who want to continue past the fundamentals. These classes are held in Liberty Station, San Diego, where Instructor Otto Lai will guide artists through exercises of varying difficulty. Covering important topics like compositing, clean plates, and photo  manipulation, everyone will reinforce existing skills while learning new… Read more »

Blender After School – Starts Friday Sep 30th


This Fall, FX Dojo presents an Intermediate-Level Animation class for kids and teens! Students will use two of the most powerful open source tools available today in Blender and Krita. Use Krita’s animation tools to practice timing keyframes The new timeline makes full use of Krita’s layer system Learn the fundamentals of 3D rigging… and apply it… Read more »

Intro to 3D Printing at Fleet


Introducing another 3 class series at the Fleet Science Center! I’ll be spending Sunday afternoons in the Tinkering Studio, exploring 3D space with Autodesk’s web-based modeling program, Tinkercad. No previous experience is necessary! I’ve got dozens of fun lessons spanning two-hour classes every Sunday for three weeks. Students will start by creating unique shapes by… Read more »